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The Glass Room

Wellness Consultancy

                Hypnotherapy - NLP - Life Coaching 
                              Therapy with Art



To get in touch with me and arrange appointment either:


Phone:  07876403928

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Hypnotherapy NLP
Therapy with Art
Life Coaching




Can help with many things such as stress, anxiety, phobias, childhood beliefs and limiting decisions that effect your life on a day to day basis. This is a way of dealing with painful stressful things quickly without the trauma of having to face them over and over again. You will find you do not need lots of sessions as Hypnotherapy is unique in dealing with problems quickly and effectively.  This can be especially good for children e.g night trauma's, effects of bullying, stress over exams.


Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

Is particularly good for confidence building and anxiety.  NLP can give you strategies to deal with your day to day challenges in your personal and professional life whilst also being able to help with relationships.  It can give you a whole new  life.  All our daily activities are generated and maintained by strategies. An NLP practitioner can work with you to change your life.  NLP also deals with phobias, fears, positive thinking and work related problems. 

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a natural progression and ability of the NLP Hypnotherapist practitioner. It is a profession that is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring advice, therapy or counselling. The coaching process addressing personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the clients personal life.  

Art with Therapy 

Art with therapy is especially good for working with children and people who may find it hard to express themselves, you do not have to be good at art to benefit form this therapy.  Art nourishes the soul it is very relaxing whilst creating. 

Sports Performance Coaching with NLP/Hypnotherapy.

I work with young sports people to help with their performance in their chosen sport.  This is very good for competition sports and is used widely around the world.  It is very important to have a wellness coach it helps with self belief, anxiety and limiting decisions this empowers the sportsman/women to focus on their sport and the challenges that they encounter to enable them to reach their goals.

Beauty Consultancy

Quite often after a big change in our life and we feel better about ourself, we want to change how we look to reflect the person we are now.  This is where my experience as a beauty consultant comes in. With many years of experience within the fashion industry, I understand how important it is we give the right impression of who we a First impressions matter.

This also is a wonderful service for young people who are having confidence issues about their image, or just learning how to apply make-up, or adapting the up to minute fashions for you.  May be you are a little older and would like some advice what products suit you best, this is about a look for you.   You maybe spending more time in the public eye, having photographs taken, you want the right look.  Or you are embarking on a new life or career and just need a little help to complete your new look. A big interview for a job of your dreams.

you will find out what colours suit you best cool or warm, what styles suit you, how to wear these with confidence. You will learn tips of the trade and a tutorial on make-up application. 

Relaxation Breathing Colours Audio



All are welcome, men, women, young people and children, many people find the benefits of these therapies.



My name is Lisa Dennis I am a fully qualified experienced Hypnotherapist 

 Registered with GHR ( General Hypnotherapy Registar ) an accredited practitioner with GHSC ( Gerneral Hypnotheray Standards Council).

 I trained at UK Centre of Excellence for NLP and Hypnotherapy, I have 37 years of experience working with people 1-1  I attend supervisions with my trainer regularly and attending new courses for continued proffessional development within Hypnotherapy and NLP,  I am a  Master practioner for NLP,  this has enriched my knowledge in my practice as a therapist.  I have a passion for people and have always been in the business of making my clients feel better about themselves..  With a demonstrated history of working in the information services, skilled in Operations Management, Coaching and Retail, Multi-site Operations, and Customer Satisfaction.  I have project managed community Centres, managed them until sucssefully working before moving on...

  I am also an artist I paint and draw this has been a life long love of mine, I am able to use art as a therapy if I feel this is the best way forward for my clients as a mindfulness therapy I am able to use this.  Therapy with Art can be  very helpful with young people or children who sometimes have trouble expressing their needs and worries...   I also offer free sessions of hypnotherapy for young people's mental wellbeing. ( to inquire about these sessions contact me via my website, email, telephone or Facebook page messenger. 

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