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Wellness is such an importnat part of life yet it is one of the things that many of us are unable to fit into our busy day. We know that we can fit anything into our lives we wish to find time for, less important things seem to take president. Our attention is taken away by less nourishing stuff!!

It gets me thinking, how will this new trend of wellness evolve in to our everyday life, I begin to look at the more recent additions of coffee shops, coffees on the go, my grandmother who was born in 1892 would today be quite puzzled by us carrying a paper cup about with a lid on, so we can drink coffee on the go, she did not hear such a thing in her life time. We take coffees into the office in the mornings for our friends maybe our boss, we may buy a coffee for a car journey, gone are the days of waiting to get home for a nice cuppa. Popping into a supermarket to get a free coffee if you make a purchase. It has become a way of life, yet even in my life time this is relatively new.

So going back to how wellness may evolve into our everyday lives, wellness a short time ago was more for people who had time on their hands and the money to spend on luxuries. No no no not anymore ! it is for everyone, wellness is all around us, we can pick up our phones ( another additiion to our busy lives that has become a way of life) look on social media sites and find online wellness guru's everywhere, no more having to source where we can find such people. They claim to be giving us empowerment within ourselves, but is it? We do not ask for these people to give us such advice, we have not gone out to find it, do we want their kind of wellness as there are all different types, we are all different and need different things at certain times in our life.

Through my training to become a hypnotherapist, NLP and life coach I have realised we are our own masters of wellness, who else knows what is best for us?

When we are born we have fantastic confidence, we know to cry and we will be feed, as we grow we say a word and we are told how wonderfully clever we are, this for most of us I am glad to say. it carries on in our most fundermental years until we are almost 5, if we have a wee wee on a potty or toilet we get applauded all this is wonderful. Then we start school we see others our friends who may have a name like Tom and within no time can write his name in a box and maybe you can't write your name in a box, the fact that your name may be Zacharah and is so much harder to spell and write does nothing for our crushing confidence, here it begins.

This for many of us is the start of loss of confidence, low self esteem, so we start talking to

ourselves in the way others talk to us, you cant do that! your not clever enough to do that? This is learning negative talk, it has a huge impact on our person. Remeber our brain only knows what we want not right from wrong, good or bad it just hears the words, and mansefests the images. so tell your brain what you want. This is the first step for your own wellbeing.

Guru's can show you the way, trained hypnotherapists like myself can help restructure your thought process get rid of negative emotions so you can move forward to a wonderful and positive life.

So I am guessing wellness will integrate into every day life like the coffees we drink, more of you will learn the technique of meditation, maybe yoga, pilates, drawing/painting,music and more all these nourish our soul. Nourishment produces growth, health and good condition. Thats what we are here for the guru's to metaphorically hold your hand through episodes in your life and show a new positive way, that becomes a way of life in our society.

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