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Moving forward

Hi Everyone,

How are you all feeling.

Things are starting to change and ease out of lockdown, I understand how for some of us this is wonderful and we can not wait to get back to all things as normal as possible. Others of us will feel very anxious about the transition and not even sure how we are all going to do this safely.

It is about us keeping safe, and whilst the government are giving us guidelines as best to do this, we have to feel safe and it be ok with us.

If you are not ready to mix with up to 6 people yet, it is fine not to.

If you still want to do your shopping on line it is fine to do that.

Everyone's different circumstances, views and beliefs are fine, we just need to be understanding caring and supportive for all.

If some people are not respecting social distancing around you, say to them to "please respect the 2 metre distancing that you are adhering too".

This is about you not other people, staying in control of your life what is right for you, your family, your loved ones.

Above all be kind

I hope you have not suffered too badly, your loved ones have stayed safe, you have not been ill, that you have had to work and have moved out to keep your loved ones safe. Whatever way your life has taken you during this pandemic recovery is close by.

We will feel better when we go out and have the fresh air breezing through our hair, seeing people we have missed, places we have missed, as time goes by our moods lift and we begin to feel safe again.

I know some people have been writing diaries and gratitude diaries daily, carry on as now is the time to see change and you will have the difference in these diaries to look back on how we felt beginning our full time lives again.

I wish you all well, and if you struggle to adjust there is help, I am here your family or friend is nearby above all stay strong, stay in control of your world and enjoy this, what seems to be a new awakening.


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