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What compromises our immune system: Lack of sleep

What compromises our immune system: Building a strong immune system.

1). Lack of sleep

Sleeping well directly affects your mental and physical health, falling short takes it toll on energy, productivity, emotional balance and weight. Do you think you had enough sleep last night? Routinely sleeping less than 6-7 hours a night diminishes your immune system, more than doubling the risk of illness..

Research shows: Insufficient sleep is a key life style factor wether or not you develop Alzheimers disease , deduction in sleep also affects blood sugar levels profoundly, in one week you can be diagnosed as pre diabetic due to lack of sleep, short sleeping can harden your arteries and become blocked and brittle if so you are on the pathway towards cardiovascular disease, stroke and congestive heart failure. There is always ongoing research on sleep and affects to the human body and illness.

Restful quality Sleep is important.

Charlotte Bronte famous quote " A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow"

Our wellness both physical and mentally is affected by lack of sleep, causing depression, anxiety and can cause suicidality. The desire to eat more when you are tired is not a coincidence! To sleep less swells a concentrated hormone (ghrelin) that makes us hungry, whilst suppressing a fellow hormone that indicates you are full (lepton) and do not need anymore food. Despite being full you still want to eat more,

' have you ever had the feeling that you have eaten a big meal and should not feel hungry but here you are eating'! I expect you have never linked it to lack of sleep before. It is proven weight gain in sleep deficient adults and children alike. Worse should you attempt to diet and do not get enough sleep, doing so is futile, since most of the weight you would lose comes from body mass not fat.

How to make the most of your nights sleep,

Sleep Hygiene: Where to start, make sure your sleeping area is the best it can be, your bedroom space/bed space. Make sure it is kind to your eyes not surrounded by mess if possible, have at hand a book or magazine you would like to read or browse through. Make sure you have a nice light for you next to your bed not too bright not too dull just right for you. Have some hand cream, sleep oil rollerball to put on our pulses before sleep Have a candle of a favoured smell, you will not have to light this to enjoy the smell. Do not have your mobile phone on the bed finish using social media up to an hour before bed. Do not put tv on in your bedroom if you have one in your bed space, leave the viewing for the living room. Do take a nice warm drink to bed NOT caffeine maybe a peppermint tea or herbal of your choice, warm milk or warm water. Do your best to get to bed so you have the utmost opportunity to have 8 hours sleep.

You may find that this will take a little while to get into this routine, persevere and persistence is the key to any new routine and for our body and mind to get used to this, when this happens you will begin to feel the best you can feel.

This will help with hormones, mood, internal health, mental health. What is not to gain.

I will be posting each day this week cause of compromises to our immune system, help and solutions to boost our immune system, Notes to other causes: Stress, Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol are all immune breakers.

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